88 Days: Questions to ask yourself before finding a job

Found yourself travelling Australia with a Working Holiday Visa (417), but don’t think a year is enough time to see the whole of the great nation? Then why not extend your visa by completing 88 days regional work? Like many other backpackers out there you could find a job in order to earn your second year visa. But before you start looking for your regional work, you should think seriously about what you’re about to do, and from someone who’s been there, you need to ask yourself these questions before you consider doing your 88 days.


The Wanderings Month 3: What am I doing in Winton? 

The month started in Sydney with a trip to Taronga Zoo, even though I'd visited nearly every tourist attraction in the city, I hadn't gone to the zoo and when my friends invited me along, I went. Surprisingly enough I really enjoyed it, Taronga zoo is massive and for someone who has only visited Colchester … Continue reading The Wanderings Month 3: What am I doing in Winton?