Australia to Amsterdam and everything in between…

It’s been a month since I first arrived in Amsterdam and a month before that I had just left the outback. The last time I updated this blog, back in March, I’d only just arrived back at the farm where I did my 88 days last year. Originally I only planned to work there for … Continue reading Australia to Amsterdam and everything in between…


2018: The Wanderings so far

So far I’ve had my phone stolen, I was fired from a job I quit and have been bitten by a pig whilst up to my knees in pig shit. But overall I’m happy to be back in Australia.

The Walkers 

I smelt them, before I met them in my dorm, Rockhampton YHA was pretty much deserted apart from me and Miffas, a Finnish YouTuber I met in Agnes Water. The smell of feet hung in the air of the dorm, which unlike other hostels on the coast had doonas on the bed instead of just sheets. I had chosen the bunk in the corner away from everyone else and was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when I overheard Miffas talking to Fred and Alex when they came into the dorm. "We're walking the entire length of the East Coast," they said, and got a map to show us where they'd started in Cape York, taking a plane to one of the small islands before crossing over to start at the very top of Cape York before walking down. It was day 69 when they'd arrived in Rockhampton and taking a rest day, they'd only taken ten so far.

2017: My Year in Travel

Prior to travelling to Australia, I didn't know much about the country besides the fact that it seemed like everyone aspired to go there one day, or had already been or knew someone who went there. I also knew Australia has a lot of animals, I wasn't too fussed about that, there was also the sun and beaches and surfers. Going in cold to Australia worked in  my favour, I pretty much winged my trip and it worked out pretty much how I imagined it would go. I learned so much about what an amazing country Australia is, and I learned a lot about myself in the process..