30 Before 30

I’ve only just turned 23 and have done a lot of stuff, I’d never thought I’d do. It got me thinking, especially after everything I did last year and all the challenges I faced, what haven’t I done yet? 

In no particular order here are 30 things I’d like to do before I hit thirty.

1. Get my Masters.

I came to Australia after I graduated from university because I had no idea what I wanted to do next. If you’d asked me two years ago and I was going to be a history teache but things changed. Coming home from travelling meant I had to think about what I was going to do next, so this year I am applying for a Masters in Museum Studies. Taking time out to travel was a blessing, as instead of jumping into a graduate job, I was able to spend time wandering around museums and rediscover my passion for history. It’s been a tough decision to make, especially as it’s a huge commitment, however it’d be cool to create a career in a field I love.

2. Curate an exhibition for the Migration museum.

I love history and museums, if that isn’t already blatantly obviously from my blog, or if you haven’t met me in person. I’ve had this idea since I wandered around the Immigration Museum in Melbourne during my first month in Australia. Hopefully on completing my Masters I might be able to make this happen!

3. Get my driving license and travel around New Zealand for 6 months.

An incentive for me to finally pass my test (not for want of trying I might add), I’ve been crazy envious of travellers I’ve met with their own car and this is something I’d really like to do one day.

4. Travel with The Candid Nomad again.

We’re one heck of a team and well the shenanigans will be legendary.

5. Perform at an open mic night.

Upon either learning the guitar or finding someone who can play the guitar and wants to jam with someone who wants to sing Adele / Kelly Clarkson / Elle Eyre covers. After spending hours singing in the garden and in the car last year, I wanna make use of my voice again, for one night only.

6. Go to America.

Spooky that going to England was #24 for Nicole at Uninspired! I learned a little bit about American history at school, and it’s such a big place and the food looks amazing!

7. Give dating a go.

Initially this was “find love” but after looking through Nicole’s clever SMART goal approach I realise this is a better way of saying it. I don’t know why I feel a bit weird saying I want to date and ultimately meet someone and do the fall in love thing.. as that’s what I want (you hear that universe?) 

Anywho I’d like to meet someone who will buy me flowers and learn the dance routine in P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma video or the rap from Ego by Ella Eyre. I got mad love to give and apparently want to express it through goofy dancing. What’s not to love?

8. Cook a full Christmas dinner.

 To give my parents a break for once, and to finally nail getting the timing right for a roast dinner, how do you cook the veggies in time to be ready with the meat? I dunno..

9. Create a morning routine.

Including making my bed everyday cos I am messy af.

10. Take more care with my appearance.

I’ve got my skincare and hair cleaning routine down, but I still roll out of bed some days without brushing my hair. I usually only wear make up if I’m going out, fancy someone, or if I’m in the mood to wear it. I’d just like to have more of a routine I guess..


11. Start exercising regularly.

I want to see what my body can do.And by regularly at first it would probably be committing to one exercise class a week and going from there. I daydream of having a personal trainer or the motivation to do P90 but I’m not rich and that day hasn’t come yet..

12. Learn a new language.

I might have already started this…

13. Audition for a musical.

I miss my am-dram days. When I was in secondary school I was in the choir and did two shows a year, I miss doing things like this for fun and like a team sport it’s fun being part of something.

14. Re-learn German.

I studied German to AS Level and have kicked myself for not having kept up with it, on the road the Germans I’ve met have told me they can’t understand me which makes me sad, others were impressed that I’d somehow retained a big vocabulary but I can’t remember the conjugations and articles for the life of me.

15. Give a TED Talk.

 I think anyone that’s watched one is like “oh my god I want to give one but I don’t have anything interesting to share.” But fuck it, I’d like to give it a go.

16. Do a Physics or Maths A level.

Basically I want to do something I never thought I’d do and see what l learn from it. These are subjects I hated in school, I had to reset my Maths GCSE three times! After working on a cattle station, working extensively with animals and outdoors is something I didn’t think I’d do, but I’m richer for it.

17. Grow my hair long enough to donate some / all of it to charity.

18. Eat breakfast everyday for a year.

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t usually eat breakfast, and it’s a bad habit I’d like to break.

19. Backpack through Asia.

Still so much world to see!

20. Be a TEFL teacher for a bit, just so I actually make use of my certificate. Plus it means I can work abroad.
21. Live in a flat.

 I’m not ready for a house yet. A flat would be enough. With white bedsheets, a big ass bookshelf and photos of the Australian outback everywhere, and jasmine scented candles.

22. Take my Mum to Virginia Water.

I spent three years living right next door and we never went there so time to take the old girl out.

23. Research my family tree, just to see whether we are all English or not…

 I feel like the only English person who feels bored by the prospect of being from an English family. And yay history, always history.

24. Try a moon cup.

Everyone else is doing it.

25. Take a dancing class.

If you ask me what superpower I’d say ‘I want to dance like Beyoncé!’ I love dancing but I’m usually too self conscious to do it sober.

26. Ride on the Trans-Siberian railway.

Russia to China baby it’s gunna happen!

27. Get more tattoos, just a couple more…

28. Give blood.

I got like one minute into the virtual experience of giving blood and had to close the tab on my computer, I have a donor card, but I want to do this too.

29. Host a traveller.

On the road I have been shown so much kindness by friends and strangers alike and I would love to host and help a traveller one day.

30. Try writing a book.

I’ve got mad stories to tell! Sometimes I want to write a memoir like Laura Jane Williams, it would be called something along the lines of What I learned from Watering the Grass or other days I want to write a book on the British Empire so that English people know their history. Either way I carry a notebook everywhere I go so writing is a big part of my life and I’d like to do something with it.

So there you go thirty things I’d like to do before I’m thirty, I also challenged my friend Nicole at Uninspired to write one too and she includes clever SMART goal techniques to creating attainable goals. This was a bit of fun for me and I’d love it if you go and check hers out too!

Let’s check back in 7 years and see how I did ;P


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