Confession: I miss home. 

Writing this post runs the risk of killing the charade put forward by most travellers who bid home goodbye, fly across the world, land on their two feet and fill their social media feeds with posts about their drunken nights out and the amazing experiences they're having. I can't lie, I am one of those … Continue reading Confession: I miss home. 


The Outback Barmaid Diaries #1 – New Girl in Town

Arriving in Winton I had no idea what was in store for me, I’d never pulled a pint before and with 4 X Gold signs on every pub front, it looked like I'd be getting a crash course in that at least. I’d arrived at 1pm on Saturday and was expected to start work at 2pm … Continue reading The Outback Barmaid Diaries #1 – New Girl in Town