The Wanderings: Month 1

I can’t believe I’ve been here for a month already, it’s flown by!

I spent the first three weeks in Sydney recovering from jet lag, visiting ALL the beaches and eating out a lot, you can read about what I got up to for the first couple of weeks here

One particular highlight that didn’t make my original Sydney post is the trip I took to the Blue Mountains. My friend Steph, who I met on a night out in Sofia last summer, kindly offered to take myself and my friend Tom out for the day.

(View from the waterfall, Steph showed us all the best photo spots!)

It was amazing, the Blue Mountains are absolutely beautiful and having Steph show us around meant we got to experience the mountains the way most tourists wouldn’t. By that I mean we jumped the railings a couple of times to walk along the waterfall, and ate lunch on a cosy cliff edge. 

(Steph and I enjoying a precarious picnic at the Blue Mountains)

The weather was perfect for hiking, and I even saw the famous blue haze for which the mountains gained their name! Our hike ended at the Three Sisters, after climbing the steepest set of steps in the world, where we sang the theme from Rocky to motivate ourselves. The hard climb was totally worth it, the view from the top was incredible!

(Tom and I tackling the stairs leading to the Three Sisters)

My final week in Sydney started with the Coastal Walk from Coogee to Bondi. Beach after beach was absolutely stunning, I have to stop myself posting a photo of every beach I passed, so here’s one of Clovelly.

(I swear every beach in Sydney is as beautiful as the last, I could spend all day gazing out to sea)

The week ended with a night out playing iDarts. If you’re in Sydney and looking for something a bit different, head down to iDarts-Zen, the drinks are expensive but at $2 a game it’s a pretty cheap and fun night out! 

I bid farewell to Sydney and set off on the train to Melbourne, you can read about my journey here.

(From beaches to metropolis, I didn’t realise skyscrapers could be beautiful too!)

For the first five days I stayed at Melbourne Central YHA, the second YHA I’ve stayed at so far and was in a perfect location to explore the city. The hostel has a rooftop which I found was the perfect place to write and chill out in the sun.

(Sunset from the rooftop of Melbourne Central YHA)

I spent a lot of time visiting ALL of Melbourne’s museums, and you can read what I thought about them in my Melbourne Geek Guide

One evening the hostel arranged a night out to a local comedy night, it was one of the best nights out I’ve had so far. Held at Spleen bar, we were entertained by 10 of Melbourne’s best up and coming comedians. I don’t think I stopped laughing the whole night! No subject was off limits and each comedian was as funny as the last. If you’re staying in Melbourne I seriously suggest you check it out!
(The hilarious MC at Spleen Bar’s Comedy Night)

Next I moved onto St Kilda for a week by the beach, I had hoped to escape the constant noise of the city, but unfortunately there was building work taking place on the building next door. I stayed at Nomads St Kilda a backpacker hostel, which had that shabby charm that all good hostels have. Nomads also had a rooftop which was the hub of the hostel, every evening most guests sat around drinking and listening to music, it was a great place to meet people. 

Two highlights from my stay in St Kilda have to be finally visiting Lentil as Anything, a not-for-profit vegetarian restaurant where you pay what you think the meal is worth. I had hoped to visit the one in Sydney, but was so glad to visit the one in St Kilda with a group of friends I made at my hostel. It was so good we visited twice!

(Thali of the day at Lentil As Anything)

The second highlight was seeing the Penguins who live at the end of St Kilda pier. A few people had told me I should visit Philip Island, tours  cost around $120, call me a cheapskate but I much preferred seeing the Penguins at St Kilda for free!

(The penguins were so small you just wanted to put one in your pocket!)

The best time to visit the penguin refuge is in the late evening, there are attendants around who shine red lights over the Penguins so that visitors can see them without hurting their eyes with white lights.

I visited with my friend Paul, and we got to see quite a few Penguins, waddling about they seemed cute at first… then a couple fighting and another two started mating. 

The penguins are so used to humans visiting that they don’t care who’s watching, they didn’t give a shit. It was kind of beautiful, in an animals being animals kind of way.. 

(The stunning Astor Theatre)

Whilst in St Kilda I took myself to see Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’ One More Time with Feeling at The Astor Theatre. The theatre has been converted into a cinema which hosts special film screenings, I loved sitting in the old school theatre seating, I hadn’t expected to go to the cinema in Australia but this was a pretty cool experience. 

My first month in Australia came to an end in St Kilda hanging out in the rooftop, enjoying the sun and drinking a lot of beer. I’m starting to get a taste for this backpacker life, I’ve met some really amazing people and I’m excited to see what the next month will bring! 

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