Getting my Working Holiday Visa

This month I set aside my wages for my Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417) for Australia, I waited almost 3 weeks before deciding to finally apply for my visa, and to my surprise it was approved in less than an hour!

This won’t be a lengthy blog post, or the most exciting, but I am writing it for anyone who is thinking about planning a working holiday to Australia who wants assurance that the process is relatively easy and straightforward.

With just under three months until I leave for Australia I decided it was high time to apply for my Working Holiday Visa. For months I had been gearing  up to this point, I had already booked my flight back in February, and now that I am close to reaching my goal amount for travel funds, it felt like the right time to get my visa.

I had been putting off getting my Working Holiday Visa because I was under the impression that it was valid from the date you apply for it, in my case August 3, which wouldn’t be good for me as I’m not arriving in Australia until November 4th. The Working Holiday Visa is valid from the date you enter Australia, so I had no real reason to put off applying for my visa as long as I did.

The application process was straightforward for me (a British Citizen) and was less intensive than when I applied for a tourist visa for India back in 2011. I wasn’t required to upload a photo or provide any in depth information about my relatives place of work, or print it out or send it off anywhere. The application is made online by creating an ImmiAccount on the Australian Immigration website. The process requires you provide personal and passport information which will be recorded on your visa, alongside assuring Australian Immigration that you are aware of the rules and regulations of the Working Holiday Visa (as documented on the Immigration website) and that you are not a criminal.

Having filled out the application I paid for my application which cost £260 plus a surcharge on my debit card of around £4-£5 and an additional non-sterling fee from my bank (grr). The price of the Working Holiday Visa has gone up since other travel bloggers such as Psychotraveller and Backpacking Bananas travelled to Australia!

Later in the evening I checked my emails and found it odd that Immigration had emailed me twice, with what looked like the same email. It wasn’t until the next day when I bothered to read the emails, that I found out that my Working Holiday Visa had taken just 40 minutes to be granted!

I imagine this may not be normal, and wouldn’t suggest leaving applying for your WH Visa until the last minute, but it was pretty crazy to see that it had been processed that quickly!

So if you’re planning on visiting Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, don’t be scared, the process is really straightforward, and if you’re at the point of applying for one, you hopefully already know the rules and regulations that go along with it. Good luck to anyone who’s applying!

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