2017: My Year in Travel

Prior to travelling to Australia, I didn't know much about the country besides the fact that it seemed like everyone aspired to go there one day, or had already been or knew someone who went there. I also knew Australia has a lot of animals, I wasn't too fussed about that, there was also the sun and beaches and surfers. Going in cold to Australia worked in  my favour, I pretty much winged my trip and it worked out pretty much how I imagined it would go. I learned so much about what an amazing country Australia is, and I learned a lot about myself in the process..

Getting physical in Tasmania – The Mount Wellington Descent.

After a month of walking around every available museum I could find in Sydney and Melbourne, I was growing weary of spending my days inside reading each and every display board and absorbing as much information as I could about Australian history. When I arrived in Hobart, I decided it was time to do something … Continue reading Getting physical in Tasmania – The Mount Wellington Descent.